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About Reliiance Financial Solutions

Over 20 years of helping Australian families & businesses

Providing financial solutions is much more than organising loans. At Reliiance Financial Solutions, we may deal in money, but our business is all about people just like you.

We work with young families working hard to buy their first home. We have helped struggling businesses get back on track to success. We have seen our investor clients build great portfolios in real estate investment. It may have been made possible by money, but the journey with our clients at Reliiance Financial Solutions is about life, dreams, ambitions and aspirations. is Your complete solution provider for all matters related to a vast range of loans.

We specialise in home loans, business loans, debt consolidation, construction loans and much more. Conveniently located in Parramatta, Reliiance Financial Solutions has been in business for over 20 years, serving a wide spectrum of clients from all over Sydney and other states as well. We have an experienced team of professionals to look after all your needs relating to all major loans.

Our Strength

Started in 2003, Reliiance Financial Solutions has built strong relationships with more than 1000 satisfied clients in our portfolio. Our service motto is simple – provide the best suitable solution based on knowledge and experience.

At Reliiance Financial Solutions we make it a point to know all about the dynamic mortgage and business loans industry of Australia. We analyse trends, study changing criteria and have a better understanding of what the buyers need and what the lenders require. It helps us offer expert advice to our clients, saving them valuable time and resources. Some of our staff have past experience as a financial accountant and finance manager and it helps us understand money matters in a better way to help our clients better.

Getting home loans is not as easy as it used to be. But at Reliiance Financial Solutions, our rate of successful applications remains as high as ever.

We prepare each application with painstaking attention to detail, making sure that our clients fulfill all the requirements of the lender. 

We guide you all the way from the choice of loan to the choice of lender, with simple and clear communication at every step.

Buying a home is a big decision for everyone. At Reliiance Financial Solutions, we work hard to make it a smooth and pleasant journey for you. Let us help you find the best home loan package today.

Sewa Singh is a Credit Representative (Credit Representative No 399673) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No 391237)

Ajay Kumar Dhull is a Credit Representative (Credit Representative No 412170) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No 391237)

The Team

Meet Our Experts

Discover the dedicated professionals behind Reliiance Financial Solutions in our “The Team” section. Each member brings a unique set of skills and a wealth of experience to the table, committed to providing you with exceptional financial guidance and personalized service. Get to know the faces that will help you navigate your financial journey, ensuring you achieve your dreams with confidence and ease.

Sewa Singh Redhu

Sewa Singh, an MBA in Finance, has been a leading mortgage broker since 2003. With roots in financial accounting after migrating to Australia in 1999, Sewa employs a client-first philosophy emphasizing integrity and transparency.

His dedication extends beyond business, as he serves as the national president of a community organization, enhancing community relations. Known for creating lasting relationships with clients, Sewa combines professional expertise with a strong commitment to community and family values, making him a reliable and ethical choice for anyone seeking mortgage advice.

Benu Singh

Benu Singh, a distinguished member of Reliiance Financial Solutions, holds a Master’s in Information Systems and an M.Phil in Psychology. Her role at Reliiance involves expertly managing business operations and overseeing administration, ensuring the company’s smooth and effective functioning. 

Benu’s deep academic background equips her with a unique perspective that enhances her management style, blending technical acumen with psychological insights. Her passion for her work and dedication to excellence are evident in her contributions, making her a pivotal and respected member of the Reliiance team.

Ajay Kumar Dhull

Ajay Kumar Dhull is a seasoned professional at Reliiance Financial Solutions, bringing a wealth of experience since 2010. With an MBA and a Diploma in Mortgage Broking, Ajay is also an MFAA Accredited Broker. His expertise in finance is driven by a passion for numbers, making him a pivotal asset to the team. 

Ajay is known for his helpful demeanor, always eager to assist clients in navigating the complexities of mortgage and finance, ensuring they achieve their financial goals with confidence and ease. His commitment to client service is unmatched, reflecting the core values of Reliiance Financial Solutions.

Manoj Dhull

Manoj Dhull is a valued team member at Reliiance Financial Solutions with a Master’s in Professional Accounting and eight years of industry experience. Renowned for his proficiency with numbers, Manoj plays a crucial role in the company, where his enthusiasm for his work is evident. 

His helpful nature ensures clients feel supported as they navigate their financial journeys. Manoj’s commitment and passion for his role make him a dependable and inspiring presence, dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for every client.

Nick Ireland

Nick, a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from the University of Queensland, boasts over two decades of experience in financial services, spanning investment management, banking, and data management. After university, Nick’s adventurous spirit took him from the ski slopes of Colorado to a prestigious investment firm in London serving clients like the World Bank.

At Reliiance Financial Solutions, Nick excels in forging strong client relationships, understanding their unique needs, and delivering personalized financial solutions. Outside of work, Nick enjoys beach days with his family and supporting his children in school sports.

Akriti Redhu

Akriti Redhu, currently pursuing dual degrees in Education (Primary) and Psychology, brings a fresh perspective to Reliiance Financial Solutions. Having joined the team a year ago, Akriti is enthusiastically learning about the industry while supporting her colleagues at the office. 

Her passion for her work shines through as she continues to contribute effectively to the team’s dynamics, demonstrating a keen ability to adapt and assist in various tasks. Her educational background also adds a unique dimension to her approach, enriching her interactions and support within the company.

Loans by Reliiance Financial Solutions

We all have different needs and requirements. Let our knowledge and experience help you get the most suitable financial solution for you. At Reliiance Financial Solutions, we work with you, for you.








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