Loan Process

Loan Process

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The Loan Process

Especially for first home owners, the entire loan process can be a bit daunting. Reliiance Financial Solutions aims to make the home loan approval process as easy and simple as possible so you know what to expect each step of the way.

Home Loan Appointment

In this meeting we focus on you — your situation, requirements and targets. Based on the information, your Reliiance Financial Solutions professional will go through the range of loan options to choose from. Selecting the right loan is crucial to the entire process of getting a mortgage. Once selected, you will also learn all the details of your chosen loan and complete the loan application form.

Home Loan Application

With the home loan and lender selected, now it is time to apply for the loan. Your Reliiance Financial Solutions professional will package your home loan application with the supporting documents, keeping you involved right through, and then lodge it with your chosen lender. On the other side, the lender will get into action. Their process involves – assessing your application, asking for more information if required, performing credit checks and, if necessary, arrange a valuation of your property and organise mortgage insurance if required.

Home Loan Approval

If all the documents are in order and all checks are valid, it is generally time for the good news.

At this stage, the lender will advise your Reliiance Financial Solutions professional that your loan has been unconditionally approved. Once we confirm the news, we notify you immediately. At this stage you may also need to organise your building insurance, which will be needed for settlement.

Home Loan Offer

It is time for signing of contracts. Your lender will send you a loan offer for you to sign and return. The home loan offer is your loan contract and outlines the terms and conditions of the home loan, including the interest rate, term and the range of possible fees. If you have any questions about any of the documents, this is the right stage so please don’t hesitate to ask your Reliiance Financial Solutions professional. At this stage, you may need to hire the services of a conveyancer.

Mortgage Documents

Your lender will send you or your conveyancer your mortgage documents to be signed and returned. These documents include the lender’s standard terms and conditions as well as the legal document giving the lender security over the property.

Home Loan Settlement

Once you have selected the property you wish to purchase and all things are in order on that front, your lender will liaise with your conveyancer to arrange for settlement of the loan. The home loan will be ‘drawn down’ and the property will transfer into your ownership.

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